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How to Market your Online Tutoring Business

Marketing might seem daunting, but it’s a reasonably straightforward process. Marketing is simply getting word about your business out so you can drum up business and help as many people as possible.

There are many ways to market, most of which you can adapt in some way or another to be most appropriate for your business.


You’re good at what you do, and you can capitalize on that in various ways. For example, word of mouth is an original form of marketing that comes with built-in trust and value.

Think of the last time you asked a friend for a recommendation; you were probably immediately gratified to have that recommendation, knowing someone you respect had previously given it the stamp of approval.

People are usually surrounded by like-minded individuals. This means your tutoring students probably have friends who also require tutoring in specific areas. Therefore, mentioning to a current student that your business will be helped by them passing your information on to a friend who also needs your services so that friend can get the same excellent service is a great form of free marketing.

Another facet of this is reviews and feedback, which help legitimize your services in an over-saturated and competitive market. [1] It’s common across industries to politely ask for reviews and feedback for your business.

Optimize Your Search Results

All companies and businesses need to have a commanding presence on the biggest search site in the world. This means making it easier for people who need your services to find you instead of finding a competitor. There are a few methods to do this, including content marketing and optimizing your Google My Business.

Content marketing adds content such as a blog or ezine to your website. This adds value to your website, giving potential clients an idea of the value you bring to tutoring. In addition, the best content marketing takes advantage of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to identify keywords potential consumers are most likely to enter when searching for your services and employ those strategically to bring those people in.

A Google Business Profile is a tool for businesses and organizations to optimize their online presence across Google. This includes Search and Maps.[2] To optimize this, claim and verify your Google My Business listing, then optimize with as much correct information as you can fit.

Target High Traffic Areas

You go to the pond or lake or a neighbor’s pool when you fish. For the same reason, making your tutoring business known to schools will give you a much wider pool of potential clients. Guidance offices and student services often connect students to academic help, so introducing yourself to these people will provide a good access point for schools. [3]

Give them information about yourself and the services you offer, and ask if you can leave brochures and information with them to pass on to students who might need your assistance.

A variation of this is taking advantage of Facebook groups you’re a part of, such as alumni for your own school or a child or friend’s school. Be sure to read the rules of these groups so as not to get ejected for marketing your business.

Use Your Resources to Market For You

Marketing doesn’t have to mean taking out an expensive ad or renting a billboard. Using current students, your knowledge of where potential students may be, and readily available Google technologies, you can efficiently and expediently market your tutoring business.


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