Automate Scheduling

Tired of having to deal with varying schedules, and coordinating with multiple students to schedule a tutoring session? No need to worry! Pilotara is working on our calendar service. Our service will allow tutors to automate their schedules with their students, saving countless hours and headaches!

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Automating Schedules

Select your own availability. Block off times when you’ll be busy. As you create your calendar, your students will also be able to see your availability, and they’ll be able to pick out their own time they wish to be tutored. 


Analytics Dashboard

Keep track of different metrics within your dashboard on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. See how you compare with your past records. You’ll be able to forecast certain metrics based on previous numbers.

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Integrates with Gmail, Google Calendar, and SMS

With Pilotara’s calendar service, you’ll be able to view your schedule on your google calendar. It will also integrate with Gmail SMS, allowing you to follow up with your students with ease! 

Pilotara is launching soon!

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