Automate Payments

Automatically collect payments from your tutoring sessions. Simply select how much you wish to charge per session, and as soon as the session is over, your student will be charged from their account. We also have flexible options such as Paypal, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, etc. 

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Get Paid Right Away

Pilotara’s payment service will seamlessly integrate with our calendar service. So as soon as you have finished your session, you will be able to collect payments right away.


Record Keeping Made Simple

You will be able to track how much each student had paid you over the course of your sessions. You will also be able to track which students are late on their payment or up to date on them.

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Analyze Metrics

Pilotara’s payment service will integrate with your dashboard. So you will be able to analyze all of your payments. You will be able to compare how much you have made in any given week, month, and year.

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